Top 10 Best Portable Headset Radios In 2017 Reviews

Times change, people change. I think I will add a little something and remove a little something too to make it, “Everything Changes”. Just the other day, getting a portable stereo was one of the most challenging things you could probably imagine! It was for the cool kids. Well, guess what, these days they even have micro sd card slots! If that is not evolution, then I have no idea what is.

So, how about we take a look at these transformations we now call portable headset radios.

10. Mfine Portable Mini USB FM Radio

10. Mfine Portable Mini USB FM Radio

Normally you’d only need to say that it’s small and portable and you would have guys flock to to get them one. This time, things seem a bit different. Here’s why.

This here device has an FM radio function with a frequency range from 87.0-108MHZ. Which covers pretty much every radio station you want to have covered, backed up with an LED torch to help brighten things up a bit as you walk back home through that dark alley.

It also has a micro sd slot. You can play your music along as you go. It has a USB port and a rechargeable Li-ion battery(has a charging time of 2-3 hours), supports up to 16gb worth in storage storage.

9. Mfine Portable Speaker AM/FM Radio Music Player.

9. Mfine Portable Speaker AM/FM Radio Music Player.

So, what exactly does this machine have that makes it so special you want to buy it?

Well, for one, it’s got both FAM and AM frequencies. Variable ranges but good enough to have you capture the stations you want according to your locale. For FAM it starts from 97.5-108MHZ while for the AM frequently from 555-1710KHZ.

Its also got a rechargeable battery pack. Li-ion and supports various audio profiles. Mp3s, MP4, IPOD, PO and mobile phone. Thats just how many audio output functions it comfortably handles.

Coming to the basics like the 3.5mm earphone jack, this is clearly a subtle sound machine. Not to forget it’s USB port to connect to your PC.

8. Mifine Portable Speaker Am/fm Radio Music Player

8. Mifine Portable Speaker Am/fm Radio Music Player

The Mifine is a prolific producer of sound equipment. This being one of their best portable headsets, you definitely can expect something good from them.

Automatic scanning and having both the AM and FM functions. Its FM range, however is better than that of it’s predecessor. From 87.5-108MHZ while it’s AM signal ranges 522-1710KHZ.

Other than that, this little guy can support play MP3 seeing as it has a micro sd card slot, TF card and U Disk

It can support a micro sd card withva storage capacity of up to 16gb. Factoring in the fact that that the only media being stored, 16gb.

7. Mifine Portable Fm Radio Speaker Music Player

7. Mifine Portable Fm Radio Speaker Music Player with Micro Sd Card/tf/usb Disk Input,clock Function -Super Long Standby Tim

You have an old man somewhere or an old lady who is just GaGa about music? Well, this little makeshift throwback Walkman would do just perfect for them. Its best suited for the elderly.

Amazing sound quality for starters. Hey, it gets even better. Its got automatic scan and internal storage to save your stations.

Don’t have a card reader for you computer? Well, worry no more. You can use this buddy here to read your sd card on your computer by the cable since it has a USB slot.

There is much to say about this gadget, but you know what, bestbto live and experience this sound magician.

6. Sangean PR-D5 Portable Radio with Digital Tuning and RDS

6. Sangean PR-D5 Portable Radio with Digital Tuning and RDS

Enabled frequencies of both AM and FM. Auto search and save for the stations you wish to keep secure in the device. Its reception of the AM frequency has no equal. You want to have enough of it, this is the machine you need to have.

With a 3.5mm headphone jack, Has(Human Wake System) for your alarm, I think it will be about time you forgot about your being late every time that you intended to go somewhere.

It has a battery life indicator. You do not get that rude shock that your radio has just gone off. That can get really unbecoming at times. I should know, because I have been there.

There isn’t much to talk about this device, just to tell you, give it a shot and see what you have been missing. Or rather, hear what you have been missing.

5. Kchibo KK-523 Portable Mini FM/AM Radio

5. Kchibo KK-523 Portable Mini FM/AM Radio

Now this is an old school portable radio I can tell. I need not be told. You see a nice of tech using AAA calls, that us definitely something of the past. Gives you the ultimate feel of that old school jam. Especially if you go playing the classics.

It has both the AM and FM frequencies.

So, I am pretty sure you can well control, or navigate through a the volume buttons.

4. Sony SRF-M37 Walkman Portable AM/FM Radio

4. Sony SRF-M37 Walkman Portable AM/FM Radio

I see that name and I get shudders all through my body. Quality, quality, quality! That is what Sony is all about. For the longest time I have known machinery, Sony has been a legend, especially when it came to surround sound systems.

So, what exactly is this Walkman by Sony giving us today? Other than the ordinary, Sony gives you a belt to hold up your Walkman as you go on your morning jog, gives clear reception of stations within close proximity and-and a digital clock and a battery indicator so you don’t get a shock that your battery’s dead.

Plus a whooping 20 ready saved channels for the user.

Always a pleasure to have a Sony appliance in your collections.

3. Sangean PR-D5BK AM/FM Portable Radio with Digital Tuning and RDS

3. Sangean PR-D5BK AM/FM Portable Radio with Digital Tuning and RDS

This is the very very last portable Radio you will ever need in by our lifetime.

It has a sizeable antenna that allows you Am signals that re out of this world. It actually is the first one to have text function. That actually elevates it to a different level,.but hey, I am not the one who decides.

It as well has 10 preset stored stations. 5 for AM frequencies and the other 5 for FM frequencies. An LCD display is as well not something you see on your everyday portable headset radio.

I think this device was just made to outshine all the there that were initially existing. I am tempted to say this, and I will not fight it. If this was actually ranked as the best portable headset radio, I would not be surprised.

2. Polaris V8 – 9W(4.5W X 2) Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM-radio

2. Polaris V8 - 9W(4.5W X 2) Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM-radio

sound, 60mm double magnet broadband speaker. Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm stereo jack, audio book compatible, micro sd capacity limit of 32GB(that’s is some big storage space there). FM frequency range 87.5-108MHZ.

I could go on, but that’s not why I was writing about this. I just for carried away this gadget has voice prompt(English). Talk about being hi-tech!

With a 2000mAh battery(rechargeable) I think you will want to invest in one of these really soon.

1. Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio

1. Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio

Ever had a blackout? Those should actually be illegal. This here is a saviour when it comes to near-death experiences duer to boredom. Large inbuilt speaker giver you well-refined sound that’s music to your ear even if it’s not music.

Carry it with you everywhere you go. From the garage, to the yard, to the porch, to the field. Wherever. The signal should be the least if your worries. It owns them.

Enjoy all your music, your talk shows, your playlist and get the ultimate throwback feel when using the analog seek.

With all that having been said, with the technology moving at a breakneck speed, new stuff coming up almost day by day. Radios are no exception. Though we still try hard to move to wireless transmission, some of us transition slower than others so we opt to have our portable headsets.

This is the world, though, either you adapt and move along with the rest, or you sulk and be left behind. We can clearly see the portable headsets putting up a fight. So, which one came strongest for you?

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